Capturing a piece of your heart...

A portrait and album journey of Baby's first year


"A whirlwind of love and diapers"


What we Believe

Your first year together as a family, from waiting for baby to arrive to their first birthday milestone, deserves to be cherished & documented.


What you Get

A year of milestones and moments, from your first snuggles together to baby's first steps, photographed with care, preserved in one special album.


Why it Matters

Weeks blur into years. You will forget. The portraits we create together will bring you back to the those tiny moments you will want to remember. 


It's a love story

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You will want to remember the milestones and firsts from your baby’s first year. But
who has the time?

I have a gift for tired parents of newborns. I will spend 12 months with your family capturing that magical first year together as a family and design you a one of a kind Little Stars baby album. In my caring hands, your baby's first year will be captured with unique skill and you, their parents will be involved each step of the way, as you are the most important people in their tiny worlds. 

Why Lumina Little Stars?


Tell your story

Rest assured your sweet baby and story are in the hands of a well known "baby whisperer!" 


Be in the moment

You just had a baby, you are tired. Relax and be yourselves knowing every moment will be captured.

Enjoy forever

Get those photos out of the “cloud," and into your hand to treasure for generations to come.

Proud of our Little Stars!




The heart of the Lumina Little Stars Experience

12 months of milestones in one signature album


One of a kind design 


Museum quality

Unforgettable Moments

What people are saying

I worried that my children wouldn’t cooperate, especially as newborns. Kelli put my fears to rest immediately.
We loved Kelli’s ability to travel to our home - it would be too difficult to have to drive somewhere and then try to have a productive shoot - all in between naps.
The pictures Kelli took are more than pictures, they are the story of our family. We cherish each one!
Kelli’s relaxed, fun (sometimes silly) personality makes her an amazing family photographer

See your family the way Lumina Little Stars see it


Lumina Little Stars Signature Baby Album Package

Includes everything new parents want, and nothing they don't.

  • 3 sessions: Newborn, 6 months and 1 year

  • Signature Lumina Little Stars Baby Album

  • "12 months of milestones" guided tour

  • USB drive of every single image for use on social media and for your own archive

  • 10 Gift prints from each session

  • 3 Small or 1 Large piece of Wall Art

  • Kelli always comes to you for each session

3 payments of $825 over 12 months

 parents may add extra "Bumper" sessions anytime.

Some ideas include:

  • Maternity

  • Hospital visit

  • 3 and 9 month milestones

$200 each

Interested in just Newborn Portraits, don't worry we can help. Our Newborn Sessions are $200 and most clients plan to invest $550-$1500 on products including a variety of prints, wall art, birth announcements, and albums. 



The greatest gift you can give your children is to show them where they are from and how they were loved.



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