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As a mom to two children, I am no stranger to the delivery room. I mean what could be more magical than the birth of your own children? Recently I learned there is one thing almost as magical, to witness the birth of someone else. My sister graciously invited me into the room when my sweet little niece Adeline was delivered.

Hollis, New Hampshire Newborn Portraits

There is nothing quite like it. There is no way to fully prepare yourself. You can register for all the latest and greatest gadgets, take classes, read blogs, and convince yourself you are ready. How could you ever be ready to take on one of life's biggest challenges?

Bedford, NH Maternity Photographer

he snow fell and blanketed the ground as we began this lovely maternity session inside the warmth of their home. Though chilly and windy outside we knew that we had to take advantage of the beautiful scene the snow had created for us. It was certainly worth a few chilly fingers on my part and Mom did just fine!