Hollis, New Hampshire Photographer - Woodmont Orchard

I happily embrace the chaos that comes along with photographing small children. Children are meant to run free, explore, laugh, and be silly. Why would I want to capture anything different than moments like these? My time with these two young boys in their families was an adventure indeed filled with running, laughter, snuggles, and hugs, lots of hugs. 

Hollis, NH Newborn & Baby Photographer

This family welcomed another baby girl into their world last October. Shortly after she arrived I spent some time with them at their home to document these magical moments. These are days you will want to remember forever, but they will slip through your fingers quicker than you could ever imagine. 

Family Portraits at Odiorne Point Rye, NH

I met the mom from this sweet family when she hired Lumina for a new headshot. She shared a story with me that day about how she would really like Family Portraits at Odiorne Point in Rye, NH someday. She went on to tell me how when she first moved to NH with her family it was an overwhelming experience, as is any time of great change in our lives. During this period of great change for her and her family she found solace and peace at Odiorne Point and while at that point family portraits were not necessarily in the budget, she knew that someday they would be.

Bedford New Hampshire Children's Portrait Photographer

Bedford New Hampshire Children's Portrait Photographer

Someday I fear that my son will look back at the photos I have taken over the years and wonder where the heck was he? It will be okay, because at least we will both be in the same boat since I am rarely in the picture. It's not that I don't like to photograph my son, but he is more apt to stop what he is doing and avoid my camera at all possible costs. 

Newborn & Family Photographer - Amherst, NH

Art, as we all know is subjective. We are entitled to our own opinions. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. When I first began my journey into photography as a newborn & family photographer I had a much different vision. I thought I wanted to create perfectly posed images of newborns in baskets, bowls, and other elaborate set ups. What I quickly learned is that while the images I was striving to create might be beautiful they didn't tug on my heart strings the way I think newborn portraits should.

Family Portrait Photographers New Hampshire

Family Portrait Photographers New Hampshire

Spring is on the horizon and people are on the search for family portrait photographers in New Hampshire. I still pinch myself on a regular basis to make sure my life is reality and not some dream I conjured up. While owning your own business if full of hustle and disappointment at time, the good that comes along with it far outweighs any of the negatives.