10 things you didn't know about me

Getting to know someone is not a task - - it’s an art.
— Pierce LeBlanc


One of the greatest gifts I've received since starting my business has been getting to know so many people, their families, and the stories of how they came to be. If you have worked with me professionally you know that I talk a lot (sometimes to myself) while I am working. Usually I am asking questions in an effort to get to know my clients. I do this because I enjoy knowing the back story of the people I work with, but also because it helps my clients to relax in front of the camera. Today I am taking a break from asking the questions and I am sharing 10 things about me! 

1. My husband proposed to me on the pitchers mound at Fenway Park!

True story! We had planned to spend the day in Boston. While we were there we had scheduled a tour of Fenway Park, little did I know that he had been planning this longer than I realized. The tour was much more than a tour and somehow he finagled a way to get me to the pitchers mound where he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. I said yes. :) 

FUN FACT - We are actually in Stephen King's book Faithful. I can't remember which page, but the date of the proposal was June 17, 2004. 

705405_4677362724923_314135850_o copy 2.jpg

2. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2011 and it was one of the best days of my life (you know not counting getting married or the birth of my beautiful children)

This entire process was simply amazing, partly because I started off with an amazing team of people. I had to enter has a charity runner because I wasn't fast enough to qualify and I had the honor of running on the Miles for Miracles Team for Boston Children's Hospital. I ran for the incredible Miss Emma who had spent far too much time at Children's. Throughout my training when I felt drained or defeated I thought of Emma and found the strength to go on. It was a great day filled with so many of the people I love!


210751_1869871819405_4590237_o copy.jpg

3. I lost my purse while backpacking through Australia in 2000!

This was more than just a purse. This was before the cell phone era and plane tickets were still printed on paper. In my purse was my license, my credit cards, MY PLANE TICKETS, and my passport. This was the only time in my life that I have ever hyperventilated. It's a long story and I will spare you the details, but 3 days after losing my purse and all my identification I GOT IT BACK! The cash inside the purse had been stolen, but everything else had been returned. I'd like to say this is the last time I left my purse somewhere I shouldn't...but I'd be lying. 

4. I sing. I sing a lot. It's not pretty and I drive my family crazy, but I can't help myself. Luckily I am much more talented in the art of photography. 

I should mention... If I don't know the words I will make them up. :) 


5. I am obsessed with Starbucks. I have a problem. There, I said it. 



6. I once swam with a whale shark!

Yup I certainly did. I was on a snorkeling trip in Puerto Rico with my cousin. We had spent the morning exploring a reef nearby. Snorkeling was done for the day and we were headed back to the marina when the people leading our adventure began to freak out. Literally. They had spotted a whale shark and were ecstatic. "Jump in, jump in, come see!!" Neither my cousin nor I are big thrill seekers, but for some reason we dove right in. I remember as I dove in the whale shark was swimming towards the surface with it's mouth WIDE OPEN! I was pretty sure I was going in, but I escaped his mouth and managed to snap this pic with a disposable underwater camera!! (excuse the poor quality, it's a cell phone snap of laminated photo and yes I know that man should NOT BE TOUCHING THE WHALE SHARK!!) 


7. I talk to my best friend EVERY DAY, and for that I am forever grateful. 


8. I LOVE Broadway Musicals!

Seriously, I could go to a show every week if it were feasible! Les Miserable and Wicked are two of my favorites. 

9. I met my husband at an ice cream stand

He was working there part time with my little sister at the time. From day one my sister tried to tell me that I should meet him. Timing always seemed off, plus I was quite sure that my sister who was 7 years younger than me and only 16 at the time could not possibly know what she was talking about it. Well here I am 15 years and 2 kids later with this young man from the ice cream stand. I guess my sister was right. 



10. I would love to be some sort of public speaker someday!

While I love what I do today, I know that someday I will do something different. It's my dream that the next step on my career path will be one that involves public speaking. Stay tuned...