Top 16 for 2016 - iPhone Only

New Hampshire Mobile Photographer

A few years ago I realized something. I was missing out on all the fun things my husband and children were doing in life. I was invited, don’t get me wrong. I just wasn’t participating. I was always lugging along my camera and once I get behind the lens I tend to get lost. I was more concerned with photographing everything than actually enjoying time with my family.

Now I photograph other people’s families and I enjoy the time I get with mine! It’s a win win!

I still love creating beautiful images, but I save this now for the families I work with. As for my family my go to camera is my iPhone. While the iPhone doesn’t quite compare to the Canon Mark III, it allows me to enjoy time with my family and still snap here and there. I chuckled to myself a few weeks ago when a fellow photographer and friend asked me what camera and lens I usually carried with me. Iphone! I’d love to always have my camera on me, but I know I would drive my family nuts and I would miss out on actual time spent with them.

The best thing I did this year was purchase the Disney Photo Pass!

Aside from bring my iPhone, one of the best things I did the past year on our family vacation to Disney was to purchase this pass! I got to enjoy my trip with my family and we were all in the pictures together! If you are planning a trip there soon I highly recommend it!

Finally…here are my top pics for the year taken with my iPhone!  You can see more Iphone pics in my Instagram feed. Happy New Year!