A Portrait Adventure

Hollis, NH Children's Portrait Photographer

There is no time like the present!


There is no time like the present to schedule your family portrait session. There will always be 101 reasons to put if off, you think you need to lose weight, you are not sure your family is complete, the kids are too busy, etc. The truth is there will always be an excuse, but the longer you put it off the less likely you are to capture the magic of youth. If you have thought about a family portrait session get in touch and let's chat! You might find the right time is now. 

And then I realized adventure was the best way to learn.
— Unknown

My sweet adventure with this beautiful family!

By now you know I pretty much love all my sessions, but it's true. Part of what is great about my job is meeting new people throughout the year and hearing their story. I was completely inspired by this mom's journey to becoming a home schooler. This was something I knew nothing about and I left with a whole new appreciation for home schooling parents. She shares her story much better than I would ever be able to, you can take minute to learn more at My Little Poppies. In the meantime see for yourself that a family portrait session is anything BUT stuffy and boring with Lumina Portraits. 


Kelli Wholey with Lumina is a Hollis, NH Children's Portrait Photographer located in Nashua, NH. Learn more about a family portrait session with Lumina today!