Hollis, New Hampshire Newborn Portraits

Love is old
Love is new
Love is all
Love is you
— The Beatles

There is nothing quite like it. There is no way to fully prepare yourself. You can register for all the latest and greatest gadgets, take classes, read blogs, and convince yourself you are ready. How could you ever be ready to take on one of life's biggest challenges? No amount "prep" work will ever fully prepare you. Your friends and family will share their stories, but that won't be you. At least that's what you believe and then she arrives and your whole world shifts in a way you could have never imagined. The days melt into nights and the nights are longer than ever before. You are tired, nervous at times, and overwhelmed, but the love. The love you feel is instant. 

These days will fly by. 

Be sure you have a way to remember them. For some that means journaling and keeping track of the milestone along way. For me it means documenting my days in pictures and of course it means photographing these times for the people that entrust me with their precious moments. 

Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! You are loved. 


New Hampshire Newborn Portraits_001.jpg


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Kelli Wholey of Lumina Portraits is a HOllis, NH maternity and newborn photographer located in Nashua, NH.