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I feel like there is always a little bit of stress associated with having family portraits taken. Will your children behave? Have you picked appropriate clothing? Will everyone actually smile for the camera? I get it, trust me! I feel the same types of things prior to family portraits for my own family. It is natural to be nervous, but I am hoping that a few of these tips will help you relax the day of your portrait session and enjoy your time with me and your family. I can't tell you how often I hear from my clients after a shoot telling me how much fun their entire family had. 


1. Don't wait until the last minute to plan what you will wear for your portraits. 

New Hampshire Family Photographer

I send each a client a Welcome Guide, complete with tips on what to wear the day of the session. Plan this in advance so you are not running around at the last minute. Make sure everything fits prior to the session. You don't want your kids in pants that are too short or clothes that are falling off them because they are too big. I am always happy to assist my clients through this process. 

2. Come prepared!

New Hampshire Children's Photographer


Pack a bag prior to your session with the following items. We will be outside away from your home in most cases. The more prepared you are the more likely we are to have a successful session together. 

  • Walking shoes
  • Bug Spray
  • Water
  • Clean and simple snacks for the kiddos
  • Backup clothes
  • Your child's favorite toy
  • Brush
  • Lint Roller
  • Sweater/jacket if it is cooler out


3. Plan for an Adventure!

Hollis New Hampshire Photographer

The truth is the children I work with have fun at their family portrait sessions! I love getting to know your children and I treat each session as an opportunity to learn about your children and give them the chance to be their authentic selves. This can take time and that's perfectly fine. I am a stranger after all. There is no rush to get them to perform. If you and your children have the mindset beforehand that you are off to an adventure with a silly fun loving mom it will help everyone to enjoy the session together. Beautiful portraits that take your breath away will happen naturally along the way. We will dance, we will sing, and there will most likely be bubbles! 


4. Let me take the lead with the children

New Hampshire Children's Portraits

As a mom of two, I know firsthand how easy it can be to lose your patience with your children, especially when they are not behaving as you would like. I am no super mom, I too lose my patience with my children and yes, at times they stress me out. The silver lining of all this is that other people's children NEVER stress me out. This is the truth. Your children may be nervous at first and may not take my lead right off the get go. That is fine, it's quite normal actually. The best thing you can do is to let me take the lead. I don't expect them to do every little thing I ask for. The WORST thing that you can do during a portrait session as a parent is yelling at your children. This will only lead to can figure out the rest from here. If I need your help during the session I will let you know. I promise.  

5. Keep it Stress Free

Hollis New Hampshire Photographer

Your family portraits should be planned for a day and time of day that works for your family. Pick a day and make that day work for you. If you know your children don't do well in the evening plan for a morning session and vice versa. Make sure you have plenty of time the day of our session together to prepare. If there is stress leading up to the session it will be tough for everyone to transition into a light and care free mood. 

Who is ready to rock their family portraits??

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