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Hollis, New Hampshire Maternity Photographer

Hollis, New Hampshire Maternity Photographer

A maternity session for your first born is always special indeed. There is a great deal of excitement, love, and anxiety all rolled up into one during this time. I had such a lovely time with this amazing young couple and look forward to helping them document the coming year with their first born. These two fine people are going to be amazing parents, their sweet baby has no idea just how lucky he is. 

Hollis, NH Newborn & Baby Photographer

This family welcomed another baby girl into their world last October. Shortly after she arrived I spent some time with them at their home to document these magical moments. These are days you will want to remember forever, but they will slip through your fingers quicker than you could ever imagine. 

Newborn & Family Photographer - Amherst, NH

Art, as we all know is subjective. We are entitled to our own opinions. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. When I first began my journey into photography as a newborn & family photographer I had a much different vision. I thought I wanted to create perfectly posed images of newborns in baskets, bowls, and other elaborate set ups. What I quickly learned is that while the images I was striving to create might be beautiful they didn't tug on my heart strings the way I think newborn portraits should.

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As a mom to two children, I am no stranger to the delivery room. I mean what could be more magical than the birth of your own children? Recently I learned there is one thing almost as magical, to witness the birth of someone else. My sister graciously invited me into the room when my sweet little niece Adeline was delivered.

Hollis, New Hampshire Newborn Portraits

There is nothing quite like it. There is no way to fully prepare yourself. You can register for all the latest and greatest gadgets, take classes, read blogs, and convince yourself you are ready. How could you ever be ready to take on one of life's biggest challenges?