Nashua, NH Senior Portraits

For the past few years I have a participated in a few different career days at local high schools. While I gave up teaching years ago, I do look forward to these few hours. Typically, I am on a panel with a few other artists. We each share a glimpse into our careers and then have time for questions. There is always a student in the room who not only wishes to pursue a career as an artist, but wishes to do so independently as an entrepreneur. To these students, and to all students actually, I always encourage them to treat everyone they come across with kindness.

Hollis, NH Lifestyle Family Photographer

When mom contacted me about this session, she wasn’t concerned with waiting for perfect weather or venturing out to a picturesque location. Her main concern was scheduling the session around their oldest daughter’s visit from England. This meant the session was to take place in the dead of winter. We planned to use their beautiful home as our backdrop, and also got quite lucky the day of our session together as we were blessed with mild temps and snow covered yard.