How to prepare for your session.

We are delighted you have chosen Lumina to photograph your family! Below you will find some tips on how to prepare and what to wear for your session. I am happy to help with this in any way that I can. If you get stuck selecting your wardrobe for the big day, I work with a few fabulous stylists that can help. While clothing choice is very important for the big day, there are a few other things to keep in my mind while preparing for your photo session.

Session Tips

Eat first and bring snacks

Make sure the kiddos have eaten before they arrive. Hungry kids are grumpy kids. Packing a few snacks for them are also a good idea, but be sure that these snacks will not be messy.

bring a special friend

If your child has a favorite love bring it. It will help put your child at ease should they be nervous at all. Don’t worry the love won’t be in all the pictures, but you might find you fall in love with the pictures that do include their special friend.

let me take the lead

Plan on letting me take the lead with your kids. They may not do exactly what I want them to do at first, but that is normal and perfectly fine. It can be tough to have your picture taken even for children. Relax knowing that your kids don’t stress me out. I have plenty of patience, so while you may want to intervene it’s usually best to let me take the lead. If I need your help I will let you know, I promise!

RElax - You'll be surprised at the results

Put your mind at ease during the session knowing that I stand behind my work 110%! I can’t tell you how many times parents are convinced that their children were misbehaved and they are certain there will be no good pictures. They are often blown away when they see what I was actually able to capture.

Consider the time of day

I do like to shoot around the rising or setting sun. If you know these times of day really are not going to work for your child, let me know. I prefer a happy child over dreamy light and you will too.

BRing extra clothes for the kids

Pack some back up clothes….always a good idea for little ones.

If there is anything you think I should know about your child be sure to let me know.

What to Wear

Be sure to plan your outfits prior to your session.
Don’t wait until the last minute. Below are some general rules to consider.

The Whole Family

  • Choose a palette of 3-4 colors and mix it up! You want a cohesive feel, but want toavoid being matchy-matchy. Picture a page in a clothing catalog where everyone coordinates but no one stands out more than the rest. 
  • If you get stuck trying to select a palette? Go to Google Images or Pinterest and search what to wear family portraits. This can be very useful! Pick the one you like best and work within that color family. 
  • Generally sleeveless clothes on adults tend not to flatter, but layering clothing is fabulous. 
  • Arrange your outfits ahead of time on a big bed including accessories. This will help you see it all come together. Feel free to send me a photo if you need feedback. 
  • Make sure all clothes are clean and pressed and on hangers a few days before your session. 
  • Remember, shoes must be clean and stylish too. Stay away from sneakers!

Babies & Kids

  • Show off their style! I know my daughter is a fashionista and like to let her celebrate that in our portraits together.
  • Layered clothing works great for kids too! Vests, scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, denim jackets, or in my daughter’s case leather jackets. 
  • Try to find clothes that fit them well….you don’t want anything too big or too small for that matter. 
  • AVOID - Big distracting bows, makeup, hairspray and clothes that are overly baggy.


  • Choose clothes that flatter your body type and coordinates well with the rest of the group. I always tell mom to pick her outfit first!
  • Solid colors usually photograph best
  • A clean shaven look for men
  • Men - have a haircut a week or so prior to session
  • Women - it’s a great idea to have your hair professionally styled before the session. 
  • Women - Natural application of makeup that is slightly heavier than usual. Having your makeup professionally done before a session is a always a good idea too.

What to Avoid!

Shorts, logos, bold patterns, or sneakers.