Professional Family Senior Portrait

A picture is a poem without words
— Horace

Experience & Excellence

At Lumina, you are in the hands of a true professional who takes pride in capturing you at your best. Anyone can take a picture of you, but it takes experience and patience to create an environment in which you feel at ease to be yourself. After all, you want your portrait to reflect an authentic version of yourself.


Kelli Wholey

Welcome, I am Kelli Wholey. I started Lumina because I recognized the importance of capturing a moment in time. Whether you are new parents, a busy family, graduating high school or working in a career that brings you joy, you should have a portrait of yourself that instills CONFIDENCE and PRIDE.

Lumina specializes in photographing PEOPLE.

People in all stages of life, including your newborn baby, family and senior portraits, and professional headshots, as well as commercial photography to highlight your business in a way that is crucial for success in our hyper-visual economy.