Prepare for your newborn session

I am thrilled at the opportunity to help you document the first precious days of your baby's life. It is such a miraculous time in your lives and I am honored to help you celebrate it. I want our session to be as relaxed as possible for you, but there are a few things you can do to help prepare for the session. Keep in mind that this a best case scenario situation, just do your best. Nothing about your newborn session should be stressful. I always allow extra time at all my newborn sessions to account for changes, feedings, or just needing a break. So please don't worry about a thing! Remember, I am a mom too. I've been there!

Session Tips:

●  Make sure the house is very warm, almost too warm. I find that close to 80 degrees is best. If a baby is chilly at all when they are put down they tend to fuss and/or wake up. Warm baby = happy baby. This of course means you will be warm too, so be sure to choose clothes accordingly.

●  When choosing your wardrobe for the session neutral and lighter colors are best for you and the rest of the family. I know it can be tempting to wear black after having a baby, but it tends to be very harsh against the softness of your baby. Choose something that you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable, I also suggest that you wear a white, ivory, or black camisole. It is nice to have a handful of images that are skin on skin.

●  About two hours before I am scheduled to arrive I will need you to try your best to wake your baby and keep him/her awake. To keep the baby awake play, interact, entertain, etc. If all else fails give him/her a bath (or sponge bath). The sleepier he/she is the smoother the session will be and the better the outcome.

●  Try to feed the baby about 15 minutes before I get there. It's ideal for them to fall asleep with a full belly, but if this doesn't work out don't worry.

●  When you do the last feeding before I arrive be sure to get him/her undressed or dress him/her in a snug one piece. You can keep him/her in a diaper and wrap them in a blanket to stay warm.

●  When I arrive I will take some time to walk around the house to find the best light. Have all the beds made as I find there is usually good light in one of the bedrooms. I usually like to shoot on the bed for part of each session. If you have a nursery set up for the baby I will be sure to document it as part of our session.

●  If you do have a nursery be sure to set the crib to the highest position and remove and any bumpers you may have on the crib. This helps me to set up any shots we may do using the crib.

●  Try to have the house de-cluttered as much as possible.

●  I find that the muslin blankets, like Aden and Anais, work great for these pictures. If you have some of these plan to have them readily available.

●  Please gather any additional items you would like to have the baby photographed in or with, such as additional blankets, quilts, hats or bows, and/or toys and trinkets that are special to you or your family.